IT Milano

Retro style, contemporary soul

IT Milano occupies the spaces of the former Palazzo Gondrand, an iconic example of liberty architecture, which can be accessed from street number 32 of via Fiori Chiari.

The interior design keeps a look & feel that fits perfectly into the Milanese soul. The IT Milano style respects a simple and timeless aesthetic, inspired by the design of the 1960s.
The result is a welcoming space with an urban and elegant style, with décor elements with soft and rounded shapes that encourage the interaction between the guests and the environment.

Building on the success achieved in Spain, in March 2019 Alessio Matrone chose Milan to double the brand, finding entrepreneur and friend Ferruccio De Lorenzo – with whom he shares a passion for good food and music – the ideal partner for this important project. IT Milan was born with the aim of offering an Italian cuisine of excellent quality, taking the flavours from home to a lively and contemporary location, in the heart of Brera.

IT Milano welcomes its guests in three different rooms, different experiences for the same formula made of beauty and wellness:


Born to welcome the guests as soon as they walk through the door, the Bistrot has a captivating spirit, enhanced by the soft shapes of the bar. It is the perfect choice for a lunch break or an evening cocktail. Grey and black tones contrast with the pastel touches of the seats.


The restaurant, the heart of the building, is the environment of the IT taste experience.

Large round glass windows allow the guests to look out on the open kitchen on one side and on the 14 meters high vertical green space on the other side.

Lounge Restaurant

Downstairs, the lounge restaurant is the perfect place for private dinners and events. The dark wood and marble used for the walls and flooring, combined with precious fabrics such as velvet, donate a natural refinement to an intimate and secluded environment.



Monday – Saturday 12.30 p.m. – 2 a.m.
Sunday Closed


Via Fiori Chiari 32, Milan, Italy
+39 02 99979 993